Training for Police Professionals

This course trains Officers in the L.E.A.P. Model, which works to connect schools, parents, police and communities for the shared goal of Positive Youth Development.  Officers will learn to explore the root cause of incidents with our youth and young adults, investigating with compassion and curiosity. When we learn how cognition and emotions drive risky behaviors among youth, we can establish protective factors. When we know how to protect our youth physically, mentally and emotionally, we build positive and productive members of our communities (thus reducing future police involvement). This class also places a strong emphasis on authenticity in policing, focusing on mindfulness techniques and methods for personal/professional growth. This game-changing program is a model for excellence in 21st Century Policing.

Below is a brief overview the components of our 2-day training:

Day One:

- Officer presence: Authenticity, empathy and character.

- Personal mission: What's your why?

- Building villages: Establishing confidence through community collaboration and a focus on youth.

- Exploring the roots of risky behaviors & the heart of prevention

- Understanding the developing brain

- Building trust through trauma-informed policing.

- CLUES model for responding to challenging/criminal youth behaviors: Collaborate, Listen, Understand,    Empathize, Solve. 



Day Two:

Training in the L.E.A.P. Curricula:

- L.E.A.P. Core Curriculum: 8 Lesson Course taught by Officers to youth and young adults (age-flexible), rooted in social/emotional learning.

- L.E.A.P. Attendance - A comprehensive approach towards school avoidance

- L.E.A.P. Parent Education - Strategies for parent and community engagement. Officers are provided with a number of informational community lectures on a flash drive for use and adaptation.

- L.E.A.P. Community - "Puzzle Me In" Project for community engagement and support.

- L.E.A.P. Cadets - A structured program for students interested in public service (police, fire, EMS, military), emphasizing leadership and service.

- L.E.A.P. Crown and Shield - A program for girls empowerment.

- L.E.A.P. Warriors and more - School wide, officer-led initiatives.