L.E.A.P. Officer Training Ashburnham, MA
to Aug 21

L.E.A.P. Officer Training Ashburnham, MA

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Our course trains Police Officers in ways to explore the root cause of incidents with youth, investigating with compassion and curiosity. 
When we learn how cognition and emotions drive risky behaviors, we can establish protective factors. 
When we know how to protect children and teens physically, mentally and emotionally, we build positive and productive members of society.

Our programming teaches Officers ways to build alliances that benefit the community as a whole. Partnership is an integral part of our programming, and Officers will learn ways to leverage community resources through our CLUES™ model. This model promotes a deeper understanding of the complexities of empathy, and the various symptoms of an 'us versus them' mentality. 
Through training in the areas of personal and professional development, Officers will learn to curiously explore their own perceptions, biases and opportunities for growth, as well as their strengths, passions, and unique abilities that serve them well in their chosen profession.


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