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"I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Michelle Palladini at the Massachusetts Juvenile Police Officer's Association Conference.  Outstanding and inspiring are the words that immediately resonated with me in describing her presentation.  Michelle’s passion for her work was quite evident throughout her presentation.  The information she presented to a standing-room only crowd reaffirmed what I share during my presentations.  The importance of building relationships and developing a positive climate and working environments were major themes; and, she provided the audience with strategies to accomplish the goals.  I was an educator for 35 years at Columbine High School, the last 18 as the principal.  It would have been a blessing to have her on our staff.  She truly makes a difference and is changing lives for the better.  I am proud to call her a colleague and friend."

– Frank DeAngelis
Principal, Columbine High School 1996-2014

"I have attended a number of L.E.A.P. Parent Coffee Chats and am thankful for the opportunity. It's been incredible to see L.E.A.P. create a community of parents who can work together to ensure our children are safe and can thrive. I came away feeling that there is hope in working together."

Middle School Parent

"It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child.  In fact it has been said so often the words are nearly trite. We keep saying it without any real understanding of what that means. So what does it mean? How do the different people in any village, in any child’s life, come together to truly raise a child??  Not until The L.E.A.P. Program have those words finally taken on substance and meaning. Not until the L.E.A.P. Program do we really know how to work as a village. Detective Michelle Palladini has answered that question with a unique and extremely effective approach called The L.E.A.P. Program.  By bringing together four networks that touch every child’s life, Detective Palladini has clearly laid out how the people in our villages can work in tandem to produce quality individuals.  The L.E.A.P. Program shows how the School Resource Officer, the school, the community and, of course, the parents, working with the students, can teach our children how to be confident, mentally and physically strong, and stay safe.

Detective Palladini has successfully integrated parents, school officials and teachers, police, and the community into one program that can allow all networks to work in tandem to raise children that we are proud of. I for one, feel incredibly grateful to Detective Palladini for bringing the L.E.A.P. Program to my school. Certainly our School Resource Officer provides the safety and security that all schools need, but the L.E.A.P. Program makes the SRO nearly as indispensable as the classroom teacher. So if you ask what a School Resource Officer does all day, be sure the answer you get is, 'She’s incorporating the L.E.A.P. Program into my school.'"

Nancy Fischer, M.Ed. Vice Principal
  King Philip Middle School


Michelle does exceptional work with youth and L.E.A.P. is fundamentally sound, well-structured, and effective.

– Edward Bova, Senior Instructor
  National Association of School Resource Officers.

"Through working with the L.E.A.P. Program founder, Michelle Palladini, I realized what the School Resource Officer can offer both parents and students. It's always gratifying for parents and their children to have a "real world" resource on hand in this ever changing world. We all want our children to feel safe and protected in school, and Michelle's program does that and more. She is an established authority and adviser for helping our children navigate some of the most challenging years in schools. She educates, motivates and inspires our young people not only to do better but to be better in all aspects of life."

– Coach Kevin Kearns  |  Personal fitness coach  |  Anti bullying author and presenter
    Self defense Instructor


"The information L.E.A.P. has brought to the parent community is priceless. L.E.A.P.'s Parent Chats led to high level family chats. We are safer and far better off! Thank you for your professionalism and dedication to the students who are at such a unique age."

 – Niki Sabatini, Middle School Parent

"So many of the issues that our kids are dealing with each day can be addressed through a bridged understanding within the community.  L.E.A.P. offers the opportunity for proactively building this bridge, which can prevent the reaction that sadly dominates so many interactions. L.E.A.P.'s partnership with our program, "Pathways to Empower" offers the foundation for that bridge because an understanding of our brain's response to challenge sets the stage for making more mindfully resilient choices."

 – Dr. Donna Volipitta, (Ed.D) Founder of the Center for Resilient Leadership  


"Mindful awareness and communication is the cornerstone of the L.E.A.P. Program Model for School Resource Officers. One of the most powerful aspects of mindfulness comes not just from teaching it to our kids and teens to help them regulate their anxiety, but to help the adults who work with challenging kids to remain calm, creative and connected in the face of burnout."

 – Dr. Christopher Willard (Psy.D.) Psychologist,
    Educational Consultant, Author of "Growing up Mindful."

The L.E.A.P. Program encompasses the foundation of what we should embrace as educators, mentors, and human beings. Michelle is a diamond in the rough.  I am so grateful that she has chosen to share her professionalism, her intelligence, and her wisdom through this program. Anyone who works, lives, or breathes near another human being can benefit from the L.E.A.P. Program...and I hope that they do!  

 – Kelly M. Celeste, Ed.D.