Available Talks:

1. Purposeful Policing: The L.E.A.P. Concept of Community and our Children

2. Working with your School Resource Officer to Support Student Well-Being

3.  Innovation in Police/Youth Engagement and Why This Matters Now

4. Nourishing Understanding and Empathy Through Mindfulness Practice: Transcending Negative Feelings of Authority with Kindness

5. How Those in Authority Can Strengthen Their Relationships with Children Through Empathy, Kindness and Mindfulness

6. Wired for Connection in a Wireless Society

7. The Crown & Shield Club: Bringing Mindfulness, SEL, and Yoga to Stressed-Out Girls

8. Just Say Mindfulness: Preventing Substance Abuse in the 21st Century

9. Building Villages: The Puzzle-Me-In Project!

10. How ‘Mindfully Compassionate Policing’ Builds Trust, Legitimacy, and Villages to Support our Kids

11. Building Villages in a Disconnected Society

(Additional topics upon request)



Michelle does exceptional work with youth and L.E.A.P. is fundamentally sound, well-structured, and effective.
— Edward Bova, Senior Instructor, National Association of School Resource Officers

"I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Michelle Palladini at the Massachusetts Juvenile Police Officer's Association Conference.  Outstanding and inspiring are the words that immediately resonated with me in describing her presentation.  Michelle’s passion for her work was quite evident throughout her presentation.  The information she presented to a standing-room only crowd reaffirmed what I share during my presentations.  The importance of building relationships and developing a positive climate and working environments were major themes; and, she provided the audience with strategies to accomplish the goals.  I was an educator for 35 years at Columbine High School, the last 18 as the principal.  It would have been a blessing to have her on our staff.  She truly makes a difference and is changing lives for the better.  I am proud to call her a colleague and friend."

– Frank DeAngelis
   Principal, Columbine High School 1996-2014