Be a Change Maker and Join Us!

  • 3-Day Training for Police Officers
  • Training for school staff and administrators
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Participation in discussions relative to a building an effective
    School Resource Officer position, and contributions to legislation,
    state-wide standards and school committee associations related
    to the School Resource Officer position.


The L.E.A.P. Program is building villages.

OUR GOAL is to connect schools, parents, school-based police officers (SRO’s), and communities for the shared goal of Positive Youth Development. We creatively use community caretakers to build
successful children.

WE BELIEVE compassion creates connection and this connection promotes success in the four L.E.A.P. areas: happiness, health, safety and resilience.
We believe that when we build relationships, we build bridges between the Police and the Community.

WE TEACH for excellence in school-based policing by strengthening relationships between Police Officers and children, and the larger community.

WE HELP Police Officers develop a mindfully compassionate approach to working with children, and we strive to help children connect with Officers.
Our Model is rooted in social/emotional learning and provides a variety of programs and opportunities for students to connect with the L.E.A.P. Officer.

Positive, persistent interaction is building relationships that build bridges between youth and police.
— Michelle Palladini


We offer comparable programs and training for teachers
and staff to fully integrate L.E.A.P. into schools.
We are changing and enhancing the school climate!

We offer comparable programs and training for teachers and staff, to fully integrate L.E.A.P. into the school culture. We are changing and enhancing the school climate!  Contact us today!