The L.E.A.P. Program encompasses the foundation of what we should embrace as educators, mentors, and human beings. Michelle is a diamond in the rough.  I am so grateful that she has chosen to share her professionalism, her intelligence, and her wisdom through this program. Anyone who works, lives, or breathes near another human being can benefit from the L.E.A.P. Program...and I hope that they do! 
— Kelly M. Celeste, Ed.D.

Our Goal

OUR GOAL is to connect schools, parents, police officers (SRO’s), and communities for the shared goal of Positive Youth Development. We creatively use community caretakers to build successful children.

We Believe


WE BELIEVE compassion creates connection and this connection promotes success in the four L.E.A.P. areas: happiness, health, safety and resilience. We believe that when we build relationships, we build bridges between the Police and the Community.

We Teach

WE TEACH for excellence in school-based policing by strengthening relationships between Police Officers and children, and the larger community. Police Officers develop a mindfully compassionate approach to working with children, and we help make that connection.

“Community involvement is an integral part
of the L.E.A.P Model for Student Success”

We offer comparable programs and training for teachers
and staff, to fully integrate L.E.A.P. into the school culture.
We are changing and enhancing the school climate!
Our Model is rooted in social/emotional learning and provides
a variety of programs and opportunities for students to connect
with the L.E.A.P. Officer.

August 2017
Michelle was named Norfolk's Home Town Hero